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Uniform and Equipment


We feel that the wearing of a smart and presentable uniform plays an important role in making students take pride in their appearance, their work and their school. It creates a strong identity, of which we should all be proud. Uniform consistency helps support the ethos of the academy and removes potential issues in respect of bullying or stigmatising young people. Our uniform was consulted upon in 2016 and again in 2022 and has been warmly welcomed and supported by parents who value clarity. 

Support for uniform

The academy supports families who are in genuine need of support for the cost of uniform. Families who are currently in receipt of free school meals and who wish to ask for more support due to financial hardship, can make a request for support through our hardship fund. Any requests should be made to the Operations Manager vie the school office.

PTFA swap and preloved uniform service

Our PTFA provide an extensive uniform swap and preloved sales service. This is open to all families, further information on how to contact the PTFA can be found from their page on this site which is found here.

Daily Uniform:

Blazer: Black school blazer with House badge in House colour (you will be informed of your child’s House during the transition process and the first badge is provided free of charge. Replacements are charged at £1 each available from the House office).  

Trousers: Grey school trousers with the Academy logo embroidered and purchased from our uniform suppliers. These are available for everyone. Black belt for trousers is recommended.  

Skirt: Grey school skirt with the Academy logo embroidered, purchased from our uniform suppliers.  

Shirt: Plain white with a collar and top button, appropriate for use with a school tie. Soft collared sports shirts are not acceptable i.e. polo shirts. No T-shirts are to be worn. There should be no badges or motifs on shirts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.    

School Tie: All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to wear a school tie. School ties need to be in immaculate condition; ties that have threads pulled or ink marks on it will need to be replaced.  

Jumper: Only the official school jumper may be worn. This is an optional uniform item.  

Socks or Tights: Plain black socks or tights – socks can be ankle or below knee length only.  

Shoes: Plain black shoes. The wearing of fashion shoes, particularly those without backs or with high/stiletto heels is not permitted. Boots, trainers or trainer-like shoes should not be worn. Canvas /suede is not permitted. We suggest shoes which can be easily polished and which are leather/leather look are most suitable (for example Nike Air Force trainers are not permitted). 

School Coat: Students may wear plain coats or jackets. Hoodies, tracksuit tops or sports coats with logos are not allowed. Fashion coats such as leather/denim jackets or body-warmers are also not permitted.  

Jewellery: Jewellery can be a safety hazard; it also gets lost easily. Students may wear one stud in each ear. Any other piercing is not permitted. Students are also not allowed to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces in school.  

Hairstyles: We expect hair styles to be neat and tidy and not extreme in any way. This includes tramlines or dyes. In the interest of student safety, long hair must be tied back in PE and other practical lessons and headbands are not permitted.  

Headwear: Any headwear worn due to religious belief should be black.  

Make Up: Make-up should not be seen. False nails and false eyelashes are not permitted at any time and are considered a health and safety issue.  

PE Kit: Academy PE top with Academy logo. One of panelled shorts, skort, leggings or academy tracksuit trousers with school logo — all items can be purchased from our uniform suppliers. Plain black sports socks.  

There is also a warm PE top available from our suppliers which is a non-compulsory item but is recommended for cold weather. Footwear should include appropriate trainers for indoor and outdoor activities, football boots are required for some activities. Students who are unable to participate in activities (through illness or injury) must still bring and change into PE kit even if they are unable to perform and will be asked to help support the lesson in other ways. Students who do not have kit with them are expected to borrow kit from school in order to take part and this is logged on the school behaviour system. 

Piercings need to be removed for all PE lessons. We advise that students do not have piercings done during times when this will cause issues for them missing PE. Students who do not remove piercings will be asked to wear PE kit and take on different roles within the lesson as well as putting tape over their piercings.  

Uniform Card: All students carry a uniform card - this will be checked by tutors each week and if a student is not following our simple guidelines, then their card shall be signed by staff and a sanction given. We recommend a black belt is worn with trousers to help keep shirts tucked in at all times.

School Equipment  

  • A school bag, to carry books securely without damage and large enough for an A4 folder.   
  • Pencil case: black or blue pens (biro or handwriting pen), pencil(s), eraser and sharpener, highlighter pens, red pen (for responding to marking) ruler - students should also have their own-coloured pencils or felt pens.  
  • Mathematical instruments - in addition to normal equipment, students will need a compass, geometry kit, set square and protractor for some lessons.   
  • Calculators - the ability to use a calculator appropriately is required in many areas of the curriculum and we encourage all students to have their own. You are advised to consult the Maths staff before buying a calculator as certain features are essential.  
  • Musical instruments - although the school has some musical instruments available for loan, many parents will wish to purchase.  You are advised to purchase these through the school, which has a scheme that offers good quality instruments at competitive prices.  Details of this will be given to you early in the year.  
  • Reading book - Accelerated Reader book in Years 7 and 8, book from home or the Library in Years 9-11. 
  • Exercise books and text books are supplied by the school for the student's use but their care is their responsibility.   
  • Dictionaries - students will need their own basic English dictionary.  
  • All clothing and personal equipment must be clearly marked with the student’s name.  
  • Refillable bottle for water, available from various locations on site. (Optional).
  • Equipment for practical lessons when needed e.g. PE kit or cooking ingredients. 

The Carlton Academy Uniform is available from either  Just Schoolwear in Arnold or Schoolwear Solutions.