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Student Leadership

Students at The Carlton Academy are able and encouraged to take on leadership roles. These can be in the classroom in supporting the learning of themselves and others as well as across many other areas of the Academy.

These include:

  • As Head Boy or Girl of the school
  • Sports Leadership as part of our in school and primary partnership programmes
  • As Captains and Vice-Captains of their House
  • As Sports, Culture or Fundraising Captains in their House
  • As a representative of their Tutor group in student leadership structure
  • As leaders within other subject areas, for example Language Leaders
  • As Diversity Ambassadors raising awareness across the school
  • Through student voice activities which are embedded in our quality assurance work across the Academy in curriculum, pastoral and school development and review systems

Leadership is one of the key characteristics we look for in our students as part of our Carlton Learner model and in receiving achievement points.