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Pledge System

Pledges are a vital part of being a student at our school. We have always believed that students should have a rounded experience, built on achieving the best possible academic outcomes and engaging with as diverse and broad an experience as possible as a member of a House and from our extensive extra-curricular offer and opportunities outside the school. 

In order to further develop this ethos, raise expectations around the importance of engagement from everyone and to celebrate success, we have ‘Pledges’. 

This is a model used very successfully in other Redhill Trust Academies and sees students awarded Pledges for their wider contribution to Academy life. The theme of our Pledges will be displayed throughout the Academy and staff will dedicate time to focus on helping students in identifying opportunities to achieve their Pledges and the importance of doing so. The Pledges are detailed below: 

To achieve 96% or better attendance each academic year  
Regular attendance at school is a vital part of academic success and as such your attendance is of great importance throughout your time at the academy.  

Successfully participate in at least six school trips

Students must ensure they represent the academy’s ethos, values and code of conduct at all times. These trips can be both residential or non-residential across several curriculum areas or part of the academies wider curriculum offering.  

To represent the academy in sports or performing arts events multiple times per academic year  
For Performing Arts events, such as; Music events, Drama, Dance, Students must contribute consistently towards these. This can be front of stage or backstage, in areas such as lighting and sound. In sports, students must represent the academy consistently in sports events or teams (inter-house) such as, Football, Athletics, Netball, and Trust Academy games.  

Organise and actively participate in at least three different assemblies  
Students should play a role in the delivery and preparation of at least three Tutor, House or Year assemblies during their time at the academy. This could also include individual presentations to the tutor group or planning and leading a debate.  

Contribute to the wider community   
Students must make a significant contribution to the school and local communities. Examples include; Sports Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh, Arnold Carnival, Primary School visits, Student Voice, Sports Leaders, and Golden Grove.  

To support others within the Academy   
Students will have many opportunities to fulfil this pledge and should consistently support their peers in a range of ways, for example, Mentoring, Coaching, Induction, Options and Paired Reading.  

Actively engage DEAR time and additional reading activities  
Students should read a range of books from different authors, fiction, non-fiction from a variety of genres, that must be book level appropriate.  

Personal Pledge  
To be negotiated with your tutor and HoH. This pledged should show your commitment to wider experiences and opportunities that you have been involved in, over a sustained period of time  


The Carlton Academy Pledge Passport 

Pledges are recorded in a physical 'Passport'. Each student has their own individual Passport which stays with them through years 7-11. These are reviewed and recorded in extended tutor times once per half term. and are reported to parents at each assessment point.  

At the end of the school year, we hold House Commendation Evenings, where students are awarded commendations for pledges that they have achieved along with other successes they have had during the school year, including Club Class and attendance.