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At The Carlton Academy we are thoroughly committed to improving the life chances and aspirations of all our students. Alongside our excellent taught curriculum, extensive opportunities programme and our Equity based assembly schedule, our PSHE and RSE program provide emphasis on developing the whole child, and the Redhill Academy Trust DRIVE values – Democracy, Responsibility, Independence, Value and Equality underpin this. These closely correlate with the Fundamental British Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Tolerance and Respect.

The ability to form strong, stable, lasting relationships which are rooted in respect is a trait we endeavour to equip all our pupils with. During their time at The Carlton Academy, all pupils will experience a varied curriculum which covers a range of topics relating to the statutory guidance around Relationships, Sex and Health Education.

Students learn about developing healthy relationships of all kinds, including intimate relationships; safety in forming and maintaining relationships, families (and how they differ), marriage, the role of parents, stereotypes around gender and sexuality, LGBT+ and the equalities act, rights and responsibilities online, being safe online and in real life, and reproductive health and wellbeing.

We have a bespoke PSHE plan designed for Carlton Academy students and take guidance from the PSHE Association on best practice and statutory content. We carefully select all topics within the PSHE and RSE curriculum to encourage student awareness and understanding of the nine protected characteristics set out in The Equalities Act 2010.

All our PSHE content is taught within the context of a safe and supportive environment and is delivered in Year group classes for one hour per week on a rolling programme and is complimented and enriched further through our ECO Days, the use of Votes for Schools in tutor time, and extensive Careers Education and Guidance.

Teenagers have very active online lives. We want to equip them with tools to navigate safely through the online world, understanding what is and is not appropriate behaviour. We aim to empower students to understand how to report abuse, of any form, and keep themselves safe.

Physical health education and mental wellbeing is also a mandatory part of PSHE. Students will understand how their physical health and use of social media may impact them and how maintaining good levels of fitness, eating well and managing hygiene can impact them positively. We will also educate students around legal and illegal substances such as drugs, alcohol tobacco and vaping, enabling students to make positive choices in their lives.

Partnerships with families

Each half-term, the content taught in PSHE lessons is shared with students via Sharepoint. This enables parents to discuss the themes with their child and have a better understanding of what we are covering. Where suitable, links are made to websites with rich content to help further engage parents and children with some of the themes.

The termly overview of the PSHE curriculum is available to download.

Further external references

  • Further information from the DfE on PSHE in schools is available from here
  • Further information from the PSHE Association can be found here