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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The Carlton Academy offers a broad and balanced curriculum for students at Key Stage 4. Students have covered the full range of the National Curriculum requirements by the time that finish Key Stage 3. 

We believe, along with students, teacher and parents, that indicating preferences develops the most engaged students, acting as a strategic partner in their own success and improving outcomes. 

The options process - called Guided Choices- takes place in the spring term of Year 9. Students continue to access our extensive wider curriculum offer. This includes opportunities to take additional qualifications and experiences such as Arts Awards and engage with our wider curriculum 'Opportunities' offer

The options process is carefully designed to meet the needs of every student. Each student (and parent) is provided with support and guidance when selecting GCSE options by the Academy's curriculum and pastoral teams.

As part of their Key stage 4 studies, all students study towards the following core curriculum throughout years 10 and 11:

  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE Maths
  • A double GCSE qualification in Science and in some cases a triple science course taken as part of the option choices
  • GCSE Full Course in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (taught in years 9 and 10) after which more time is given to maximise achievement in English and Maths in Year 11
  • Core PE

Support is provided throughout the process in guiding students towards making the best selection of options subjects to maximise their progress and achievement at the end of Year 11. The Academy offers a wide range of both academic and vocational subjects and this offer is reviewed regularly to respond to curriculum developments and the learning needs of students.

Making choices - the 'options process'

Students take four choices alongside their core offer which they complete at the end of Year 11. Students take their GCSE PRE qualification at the end of Year 10. This approach gives students a chance to focus on achieving the best possible outcomes in this course, and then gives them additional time for core subjects in Year 11.

Options Booklet 2023

Exam Revision Resources

You can download a copy of the resources available from the links below

GCSE Online Revision Guide

Revision Resources

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