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At The Carlton Academy we believe that completion of meaningful homework is vital to the success of our students.  As GCSE exams now rely heavily on learning content and skills in depth, it is vital that we support our students to become independent learners, starting in Year 7. 

It is not just the work completed in lessons that will decide our students’ outcomes.  They need to spend time independently honing the knowledge and skills required for success.  The benefits of learning to study independently stretch beyond just academic success.  Students develop skills of self-motivation, organisation and time management that will benefit them in many walks of life in their future. 

It is our expectation that students in Years 7, 8 and 9 complete 30 minutes of homework each week for English, Maths and Science and 30 minutes per fortnight for all other subjects. A range of tasks will be set by faculties, including those which ask students to prepare for assessments and tests within class by revising content being studied.  As homework is often preparatory work for lessons, the work that students do may not be marked by their teacher, but it will be checked: not doing it will leave them behind their peers in lessons. 

Students in Years 10 to 11 are expected to do at least one hour of homework per subject, per week.  The homework set may be similar to the style of memory and retrieval homework set in Years 7-9.  However, it is likely to also include examination preparation, exam answer practice and pre-reading.   In Years 12 and 13, we anticipate the level of homework and private study to be around 5 hours per subject per week and students are given study periods during the school day to undertake some of this work as well as being expected to work at home.  

Students who do not complete homework are usually issued with a detention from their class teacher and are expected to complete the homework in that time.

Setting of Homework

Homework is outlined in class and is set online using ClassCharts - all parents and students have access to ClassCharts via the App.  You can find more information here.