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The purpose of the Enrichment Programme is to offer students an opportunity to do ‘something different’ whilst at the Carlton Academy Sixth Form.

The enrichment programme at the TCA Sixth Form involves year 12 students participating in the following:

  1. Attending a wider curriculum session each week and/or
  2. Volunteering as a TA in a KS3 or KS4 lesson, helping Y7 and Y8 students with their reading or volunteering at an after-school/lunch time club
  3. Participating in the STELLAR programme

Studying in the Sixth Form allows you to start specialising in curriculum areas but it is still important to retain a breadth of experience. The opportunities on offer for Enrichment cover a range of interests and skills that should appeal to all of you. A further, very important reason why we ask students to take an Enrichment course is because of the added ‘edge’ it can give them in later applications.

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