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Co-curricular activities

Our curriculum extends beyond the 5 school periods, and we want students to develop fully as individuals. Our Co-curricular offer continues to grow to allow students to develop in this way. We encourage students to take up the opportunities available to them locally in their communities and provide information on local clubs that may be of interest to them.

At school, we offer a vibrant variety of activities, clubs, practices and booster learning sessions outside of lesson time in order to enrich and develop students’ skills, interests and talents. Our Curriculum Plus programme is at the centre of what we offer.

Staff offer students opportunities to enrich their studies before and after school, as well as at breaks and lunchtimes. This is to extend learning and meet students’ varying needs. Activities are also often organised during school holidays. 

The inter-house pastoral system provides an exciting foundation for a wide range of inter-house competitions and events that enrich the experiences of the whole school community.We have a comprehensive programme of clubs and activities including sports, expressive arts, and STEM based subjects. 

There are many opportunities to represent the school on the sports field in a number of team and individual sports. The school regularly competes in local, county, regional and national competitions - recording successes at each level.

Every year our school community enjoys a vibrant calendar of musical and drama performances and a dance platform. These events aim to involve many students from across the school, enabling them to demonstrate their skills in creative ways.