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Club Class

Club Class is a prestigious award for all students who are making outstanding progress in their subjects. At each assessment point, students' progress is checked against the 'Club Class' thresholds and if they are working at 'Club Class' then this is reported home and students are congratulated on their achievements. At the final assessment point of the year, students who have received predictions that meet the 'Club Class' thresholds are presented with special awards at their House Commendation Evenings and are eligible to attend special rewards trips and activities the following term.

There are four levels of 'Club Class' available to all students in Years 7-13, these are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These awards are based on progress and are achieved by students across the school all of whom have different targets and levels of prior attainment. Every student has an equal opportunity to achieve these awards. Further information on the criteria and levels of 'Club Class' are shown in the images below.

Club Class Criteria