1: Finding your own placement

  • What professions are you interested in?

Think about what you might like to do when you leave education. In the past, some students have been interested in being a mechanic, working in the fire service or working in a primary school.

  • Do you or your family know anybody that works in a company in that profession?

If so, you might want to talk them about whether they take students on work experience placements.

  • Make contact

You could start by making telephone contact and ask them “Hello, my name is ……… and I’m a student at the Carlton Academy. This year we will be doing work experience, and I am interested in doing my placement at your company.”

If that is successful, ask to speak to whoever is in charge of setting the placements up. Don’t forget that the date for work experience is the week commencing 20 March 2017.

You may need to send an email, and we have put a sample email in StudentShare\Careers for you to look at.

If you are unsure, or a bit nervous about making contact, please come and see Mr. Powdrill or any of the Work Experience team (Mr Burkill and Miss Blyth), and we can make arrangements to help you through this.

If you are finding a placement yourself, the company must be an employer of people. We are not allowed to let students go on placements with sole traders.

We must have all the company details ASAP and no later than 25 November 2016. When you have made contact with the employer to agree the placement with them, fill in the application form and hand it to the Student Reception.

You should let the employer know that it may be necessary to have a short visit from a health and safety officer from Futures. This is check that the area where you will be on placement is appropriate, and that the company has the correct insurance certificates (such as Employers’ Insurance and Public Liability Insurance).


2: Finding a placement through the work experience website

It’s well worth taking some time to think about what you might want to do once you leave full time education. Our students have gone on to all sorts of different jobs including accountancy, mechanics, nurses, teachers, policemen – in fact, almost anything. This is your opportunity to see what working in that profession is like.

The Academy has made sure that all Year 10 students can access the Futures website, which contains a large list of all the local employers who will take work experience placements, and who have already been health and safety tested.


Each student can logon with the username carlton and password student1, and they can use any web browser to search for jobs. So they can do this at home, or at school in one of the many computer rooms during break or lunchtimes.

One of the work experience team will be around on Tuesdays or Fridays in order to offer help for this.

Once you’ve found a placement, you’ll need to make contact with the employer to check whether the date of 20 March 2017 is available.

Following this, you will need to fill in the application form and hand in to Student Reception as soon as possible, and no later than 25 November 2016.

Please note, because this database is open to the whole of Nottingham, the best places will go early, so we advise you to get onto the website as soon as possible in order to get the placement that really suits you.