Year 10 Work Experience  20 – 27 March 2017

All Year 10 students will take part in Year 10 Work Experience Placement, which will begin on Monday 20 March and will last for the whole week. During this week, all of our Year 10 students take part in a work placement, and will be spending the week learning valuable skills about what it means to be a member of the UK workforce.

Our objectives for the week are for our pupils to;

  • gain an insight into participating into the world of work
  • increase self-confidence.
  • develop communication skills.
  • improve team work skills
  • develop independence

Our aim is for all Year 10 students to find their own Work Experience placement. They can do this either through

  • a friend or family member who may be willing to take on a work experience student or by
  • Using the Futures Work Experience website provided by the Academy to search for available placements

To support students in finding a place, we will be conducting workshops on CV Writing and Expectations in the Workplace. However, it is important that your child begin exploring work experience opportunities as soon as possible, as over recent years there have been more restrictions on placing students because of health and safety regulations.   Students will be allowed to attend a placement if it has not been cleared for health and safety. We will organise Health and Safety Checks once we have details of the employer

Due to the time needed for health and safety checks, the deadlines for any applications will be the Friday 25 November 2016. The application forms will need to be completed and returned to Student Reception.

To support the process;

  • Computer Suites will be made available for students to research at lunchtimes and after school,
  • The Work Experience Team will be available during lunchtime and after school on Tuesdays and Fridays. Telephone facilities can also be provided. Students should go to the Careers office at the back of the library
Please click here for an example work experience template letter