Uniform and equipment

The file for download below provides a list of the essential equipment needed for school - we appreciate your support in providing your child with the equipment needed for learning and success. Information on our uniform is given below. 


We feel that the wearing of a smart and presentable uniform plays an important role in making students take pride in their appearance, their work and their school. It creates a strong identity, of which we should all be proud.

Blazer: Black school blazer with school badge and House colours badge (Houses badges are provided to all students in Year 7 in September).

Trousers: Grey school trousers with the Academy logo embroidered and purchased from our uniform suppliers. These are available in both boy’s and girl’s styles. Black belt for trousers is recommended.

Skirt: Grey school skirt with the Academy logo embroidered, purchased from our uniform suppliers.

Shirt: Plain white with a collar and top button, appropriate for use with a school tie. Soft collared sports shirts are not acceptable i.e. polo shirts. No T-shirts are to be worn. There should be no badges or motifs on shirts. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. 

School Tie: All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to wear a school tie. School ties need to be in immaculate condition; if your son/daughter’s tie has threads pulled or ink marks on it, then this will need to be replaced

Jumper: Only the official school jumper may be worn (black, V-neck with braiding). Although the school jumper is an optional uniform item, it is recommended that all students wear it in cold weather.

Socks or Tights: Plain black socks or tights – socks can be ankle or below knee length only

Shoes: Plain black shoes. The wearing of fashion shoes, particularly those without backs or with high /stiletto heels is not permitted. Boots, trainers or trainer-like shoes should not be worn. Canvas / suede is not permitted. We suggest shoes which can be easily polished and which are leather / leather look are most suitable.

School Coat: Students may wear plain coats or jackets. Hoodies, tracksuit tops or sports coats with logos are not allowed. Fashion coats such as leather/denim jackets or body-warmers are also not permitted.

Jewellery: Jewellery can be a safety hazard; it also gets lost easily. Students may wear one stud in each ear. Any other piercing is not permitted. Students are also not allowed to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces in school.

Hairstyles: We expect hair styles to be neat and tidy and not extreme in any way. This includes closely-shaven hair, tramlines or dyes. In the interest of student safety, long hair must be tied back in PE and other practical lessons and headbands are NOT permitted.

Headwear: Any headwear worn due to religious belief should be black.

Make Up: Make-up should not be seen. False nails and false eyelashes are not permitted at any time and are considered a health and safety issue

PE Kit: Academy PE top with Academy logo, Academy shorts/skort or tracksuit bottoms with school logo purchased from our suppliers. Plain black sports socks.

There is also a warm PE top available from our suppliers which is a non-compulsory item but is recommended for cold weather. Footwear should include appropriate trainers for indoor and outdoor activities, football boots are required for some activities. Students who are unable to participate in activities (through illness or injury) must still bring and change into PE kit even if they are unable to perform and shall be asked to help support the lesson in other ways. Students who do not have kit with them are expected to borrow kit from school in order to take part and this is logged on the school behaviour system.

If you are unclear regarding any of these expectations, please contact your son or daughter’s Tutor for further information. We very much appreciate your support in helping set high standards in uniform at the Carlton Academy. We will make you aware in the event of the uniform expectations not being met, and appreciate your efforts in resolving any such issues.

Uniform Card

All students carry a uniform card - this will be checked by tutors each week and if a student is not following our simple guidelines then their card shall be signed by staff and a sanction given. We recommend a black belt is worn with trousers to help keep shirts tucked in at all times.

You can download a copy of the uniform guidance here if you wish to print a copy

The Carlton Academy Uniform is available from either  Just Schoolwear in Arnold or Schoolwear Solutions.