Feeder primary schools and transition information

The Carlton Academy has a number of schools within its Primary Family; these are detailed below along with a link to the school website. We work exceptionally hard to give all pupils, from Year 2 onwards, opportunities to spend time with us as part of our extensive transition programmes. These include subject specific learning events such as Art, ICT, Enterprise, Maths, English, Science and Technology experiences as well as opportunities to visit the school and meet our students. We welcome visits from anyone interested in choosing a secondary school place and encourage you to always visit schools in the day and with your child.

The Carlton Academy Family of Schools

Induction,  Meet the Tutor and important further information for downloading - 2019

Before students start the Academy, we run a Meet the Tutor event the evening before the Induction Day itself. Induction Day is normally in the last two weeks of Year 6 and is held at The Carlton Academy and allows Year 6 students to spend a full day with us in the academy.

The Meet the Tutor event is aimed at giving you first contact with the tutor with whom your child will meet every day for 20 minutes in their vertical tutor group. This is a group made up of Year 7 to 11 students and this helps form supportive family relationships between students of all ages. At the meet the tutor event, you are also given a pack containing important information to help in September. Specific information can be found below:

General Information

Student Information

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Outlines for subjects

Home and Academy Contract

Presentation from Meet the Tutor evening July 2019

Summer book review task

Equipment list

Letter to parents in relation to Induction Day