This section of our website is for students, but we very much welcome parents and governors looking at it and finding some of the fantastic materials and resources on offer.In this section, you will find advice and guidance to support learning as well as links to other websites that we feel are of a high quality and compliment what we do in school.


Specific information about the curriculum taught in lessons is available on the Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post 16 (sixth form) sections of the site. Our curriculum is far more than that delivered in the classroom environment. Students have a wide experience of enrichment and offer from The Carlton Academy. Our Pledges offer all students opportunities and expectations about their wider involvement in school life. All students are members of a House and tutor group and they have opportunities to take on leadership roles in a wide variety of areas. Our ECO days, provide valuable opportunities for all pupils to engage in wider learning experiences, both inside and outside of the school buildings and the extracurricular offer, and expectation of involvement, is both well developed and considerable in its breadth. We believe that our school offers a curriculum for life ahead, focused on our core purpose of maximising student academic achievement along with a high quality wider offer. We encourage you to look at our website and visit the school to find out more.