This section of our website is for students, but we very much welcome parents and governors looking at it and finding some of the fantastic materials and resources on offer.In this section, you will find advice and guidance to support learning as well as links to other websites that we feel are of a high quality and compliment what we do in school.

Curriculum and the wider curriculum

Our curriculum is far deeper than just that delivered in the classroom environment as part of the timetabled curriculum. Students have access to a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular offer. All students have a ‘Pledge Passport’ which they use to record their wider participation over their time in Years 7 to 11, for which they are recognised as part of the rewards system. All extracurricular activities are directly linked to an individual Pledge element. 

Our Enriching Curriculum Opportunities (ECO) Days, provide valuable opportunities for all pupils to engage in wider learning experiences, both inside and outside of the school buildings. This includes visits to external providers as well as other organisations working with students in school on these days. A broad range of trips and visits, both in the UK and abroad take place each year, some of which are shared with other Trust academies to build new friendship and partnerships between staff and students as well as maximising the breadth of offer. Affiliation to nationally approved schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Programme and Police Cadets is well developed. Additionally, we have partnerships with local clubs and societies that we signpost students to, for example in sport and the performing arts. Every year there is a whole school performing arts musical and the range of inter house events also include talent events and performance and sports activities for which points are awarded as part of The Carlton Cup. 

Our ‘Extension and Achievement’ programme is open to all students in years 7 to 11 and provides further opportunities for wider engagement in a range of activities in school that support resilience, literacy and a wide range of ‘soft’ skills. This programme includes opportunities for active participants to take part in residential trips that include outward bound and overseas visits.

The daily tutorial programme is well developed and based around the theme of DRIVE – Democracy, Responsibility, Independence, Tolerance and Equality. These support the delivery of Fundamental British values as shown below:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law =  Responsibility
  • Individual liberty  = Independence
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs = Value
  • Equality

All students have an assembly each week, which is delivered as part of a formal programme and is always linked to DRIVE. There is a follow up activity from every assembly which is undertaken in tutor time and which compliments the wider tutorial programme.

We believe that our academy offers a curriculum that maximises academic achievement and develops well rounded young people for successful lives ahead. In Key Stage 4 and 5 we maintain a broad academic and appropriate vocational curriculum whilst the wider curriculum offer continues both in terms of expectation of uptake and focus on essential skills for life. 

Taking options in Year 8 allows students to make choices that have some option for change early in Key Stage 4 whilst allowing staff to prepare students best for the rigours of GCSE examinations. Our successful approach is well supported by the rising standards of attainment in recent years, both at GCSE and A Level as well as the increasing number of students moving into Higher Education.