SEN Information

SEN Information Report

The Carlton Academy is committed to the provision of equal educational opportunities for all students. We support students with a wide range of needs in the areas of:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Sensory or Physical needs

We recognise there is a continuum of individual need that will be met using a graduated approach, involving teaching and support staff.

The progress of all students is updated and monitored at specific data points throughout the year by the different subject teachers.  In addition, the school’s SENCo is responsible for monitoring the progress of students on the SEND register and arranging additional support / advising on effective strategies where necessary 

Students with a statement of special educational need or EHCP will be invited to attend an annual review meeting to discuss their child’s progress.  All students on the SEND register will be monitored throughout the year and parents/guardians contacted if concerns are raised. Progress reports are published at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Reviews to discuss your child’s progress are held with staff and relevant agencies during the year.

Students with SEND have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum. The Learning Support team and teaching staff work together to ensure learning opportunities are appropriate for all learners. Classroom teachers are updated regularly on the needs of students by the school’s SENCo.

Support is allocated according to each student’s need, this is decided by the school’s SENCO based on information passed on from the student’s primary school at the time of transition and school assessments.

Learning Support have a team of qualified teaching assistants. The Carlton Academy has a CPD programme which Teaching Assistants can attend.

The Carlton Academy works closely with a number of professional groups including the Schools and Families Specialist Service, the Educational Psychologist, Social Care and pediatric health care professionals.

Some students receive additional funding for support in school. This money is provided by the Local Authority. An individual student has to meet stringent criteria to access this funding. The funding is decided by the SENCos at the Carlton Family of Schools group meetings. The Carlton Academy funds additional support for students with SEND.

We have designated disabled parking areas, and most parts of the school are accessible for wheelchair users.  There are accessible toilet facilities.

All parents and students are invited to a tutor review once a year, where progress will be discussed and appropriate targets set. Each year group has a Parents Evening once a year and there is always a member of the SEN team in attendance. Meetings are also arranged with SENCo to discuss progress. If your child is identified as not making adequate or expected progress, the school will set up a meeting to discuss this with you in more detail.  

Pupils with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan will have an annual review meeting to enable parents and students to express their views about the nature and level of support given, progress made and to set targets for future progress.

The school’s SENCo, tutors, Senior Leadership Team and class teachers are regularly available to discuss any concerns, worries or complaints

At The Carlton Academy we have a close relationship with our feeder primary schools. Teaching Assistants will visit the local feeder primary schools in advance of students joining the school. The SENCo is invited to reviews if the primary school feel this is necessary. Students with SEND may be given extra visits to the school prior to joining and parents invited to a meeting with the Learning Support Team to discuss any relevant concerns. Information from primary schools will be passed to the school’s SENCo.  This information will be shared with teaching staff at the beginning of the school year 

A GCSE options evening is held in the final year of Key Stage 3 to support students with their subject choices for Key Stage 4. The SENCo is available to discuss with parents and students any concerns about option choices. 

Students will have an opportunity to undertake a work-experience placement at an appropriate time and will receive careers guidance and information about local colleges.

Any further information can be obtained by accessing the school website:

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) - Mrs S Blake

Email: Tel:  0115 9550010

Information about a wide range of provision and services available to families with young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities can be found at Nottinghamshire's SEND Local Offer: