Rewards and Characteristics of Carlton Learners

In 2014, we undertook a discussion with parents, staff and students to identify what we feel shows our students at their best. We wanted to identify key words that we feel describe the characteristics we are looking for in the work we all do in school and wanted this to be based around the name of the school, 'Carlton'. In addition, we wanted to build a new rewards system which rewards students for showing these characteristics in school. These are called Achievement Points.

After a period of consultation, we came up with the following seven characteristics of 'Carlton learners': 

  • Contributor
  • Aspiring
  • Resilient
  • Learner
  • Teacher
  • Organised
  • New Thinker

You can find out more about our rewards and achivement points, as well as what these different characteristics are all about by downloading the document below:

Characteristics of Carlton Learners and rewards