Rewards and Characteristics of Carlton Learners

In 2017, we undertook an exercise with parents, staff and students to identify what characteristics we all felt shows our students at their best and enables them to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We wanted to identify key words that we feel describe these characteristics and wanted this e based around the name of the school in order to make it a very visible and memorable. In addition, we wanted to build a new rewards system which rewarded students for showing these characteristics in school. These are called Achievement Points.

The agreed seven characteristics of 'Carlton learners' are detailed below:

  • Contributor - making a contribution to the school and the learning of others
  • Aspiring - having ambition for what they and we all achieve together
  • Resilient - rising to the challenges presented to us in our lives
  • Learner - have appreciation of the importance of learning through our lives
  • Teacher - being a role model for others in the classroom and supporting others
  • Organised - prepared and ready to succeed without barriers we can easily remove
  • New Thinker - an ability to look at things in different ways so as to improve what we achieve or overcome challenges 

You can find out more about our rewards and achievement points, as well as what these different characteristics are all about by downloading the document below. Students receive rewards for their achievement points, which are awarded at Bronze, Silver and Gold level as part of rewards assemblies. 

Characteristics of Carlton Learners and rewards