Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

Our formal PSHE programme is delivered in tutor time each week and is eomplimented and enriched further through our ECO Days, extensive Careers Education and Guidance as well as through lessons taught in school every day. The programnme is underpinned by our values of DRIVE and is aimed at giving all students knoweldge and advice to aid them in making informed and suitable choices in their lives ahead.

 The core DRIVE values are

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law =  Responsibility
  • Individual liberty  = Independence
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs = Value
  • Equality


All tutors deliver the programme to their tutor groups each week. The range of themes covered include, but are not exclusive to, those listed below:

  • Demoratic systems - local, national and global
  • Financial self management and planning
  • Healthy relationships
  • On line safety and safety outside of the home
  • Charitable sector
  • Characteristics of successful young people
  • Employability skills
Partnerships with families

Each week, the content taught in PSHE lessons is sent home via our Show My Homework tool. This enables parentas to discuss the themes with their child and have a better understanding of what we are covering. Where suitable, links are made to website with rich content to help further engage parents and children with some of the themes. 
You can download a termly overview of the PSHE curriculum from the link below:
PSHE topics covered Autumn Term one:
Further external references
  1. Further information from the DfE on PSHE in schools is available from here
  2. Further information from the PSHE Association can be found here