Winter weather – arrangements in adverse weather and school uniform

Wherever possible, our aim is for the site to remain operational as usual and unless advised otherwise, this will be the case. Our site team will work hard in ensuring that the site is safe and as this may take extra time, it may be that an adjusted timetable is in place for the day and information on this would be communicated to parents by text and on the website by 7.30am at the latest. If needed, an adjusted timetable would run as follows:

Emergency timetable (if required)

9.45am                        Period 1 starts

10.35am                      Period 2

11.25am                      Break

11.40am                      Period 3

12.30pm                      Lunch

1.15pm                        Period 4          

2.05pm                        Period 5

2.55pm                        Finish

In exceptional circumstances, if the decision is taken to close the school to pupils, texts alerts will be sent to you and information will also be shown on our website, Twitter feed and on BBC Radio Nottingham and on Capital/Trent FM.

If a student has an external exam on the day of the adjusted timetable, the exam will run as normal as stated on the student’s timetable and they will need to be in school for 8.45am.

Whilst remaining mindful of health and safety during times of winter weather, it is always our intention to remain open throughout the season wherever possible.