To support students to make the transition from GCSE onto the A Level/BTEC programmes of study, departments have set out a range of activities that must be completed over the next few months in preparation for September. Students should open and save the documents from the A Level/BTEC subjects they will be studying and complete the activities outlined.  

The aim of these tasks is for students to demonstrate independence, initiative and a general understanding of the A Level/BTEC subjects they will be studying. 

The deadline for the completion of this work is the week commencing Tuesday 1st September


Sixth Form Bridging Work                                    Date              

A Level Subjects
Biology 4 May 2020
Business Studies 4 May 2020
Chemistry 4 May 2020
Computer Science 4 May 2020
Design and Technology 4 May 2020
Drama 4 May 2020
English Language 4 May 2020
English Literature 4 May 2020
Fine Art 4 May 2020
French 4 May 2020
French 20 May 2020
Geography 4 May 2020
Graphics 4 May 2020
History 4 May 2020
Mathematics 4 May 2020
Media 4 May 2020
Music 4 May 2020
PE 4 May 2020
Photography 4 May 2020
Physics 4 May 2020
Politics 4 May 2020
PRE 4 May 2020
Psychology 4 May 2020
Sociology 4 May 2020
Spanish 4 May 2020
BTEC Applied Science 4 May 2020
BTEC Business studies 4 May 2020
CACHE Health and Social Care 4 May 2020
BTEC IT 4 May 2020
BTEC Sport 4 May 2020
A Level Free Resources 4 May 2020
Independent Study Guide 4 May 2020


Additional Tasks

Eton College is making several online self-study courses from the EtonX Future Skills Programme available free of charge to state school pupils in the UK. These courses are particularly appropriate for Year 11 and Year 13 pupils and offer training in skills important to life and to the workplace. Click on the link or do a search in Google.

Speakers for Schools       

Speakers for Schools are excited to present their weekly Virtual Talks schedule! This schedule will be updated weekly and talks will be targeted to different age groups and is accessible via the link above or through a Google search. This week there are talks from a BBC News Director, a top Spotify Executive and a journalist to name a few.  Tune in and listen!