Post 16 Results

2018 Post-16 Performance Table Data 

The latest validated data that we have is the 2018 Year 13 cohort. The 2019 Year 13 cohort performance data will be released in January 2020.  

Student Progress Level 3 Courses 

A-Level Progress: Value Added 0.12

Applied General: Value Added 0.46


Student Progress GCSE English and Maths Retake 

No GCSE English Language retakes

GCSE Maths retake, 1 students in total - 100% pass rate


Average Grade 

Average A-Level Grade is a C

Average Applied General Grade is Distinction 

Percentage of A-Level students gaining AAB (including two facilitating subjects) is 29% (National Average is 17%).

Average Grade for best three A-Levels is B


Student Retention 

Percentage of students completing A-Level Programme - 100%

Percentage of students completing Applied General Programme - 100%


Destinations of Year 13 2019 

Percentage of students continuing into Higher Education - 62%

Percentage of students continuing into Degree/Higher apprenticeships or employment - 38%