Pledge System

Students at The Carlton Academy are encouraged to gain a breadth of experiences both in and out of Academy life. This includes accessing the wide range of extracurricular opportunities on offer and representing their House. In order to further develop this ethos and raise expectations around the importance of engagement from everyone, we are launching an exciting initiative called ‘Pledges’.

This is a model used very successfully in other Redhill Trust Academies and sees students awarded Pledges for their wider contribution to Academy life. The theme of our Pledges will be displayed throughout the Academy and staff will dedicate time to focus on helping students in identifying opportunities to achieve their Pledges and the importance of doing so. The Pledges are detailed below:

The Carlton Academy Pledges

1. To successfully participate in residential trips.
Students must ensure they represent the Academy’s ethos, values and code of conduct at all times. For example, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions or the annual ski trip.

2. To represent the Academy in sports.
Students must represent the Academy in sports events. For example, regional qualifiers, Trust Academy games and Inter-House competitions.

3. To contribute to Academy Performing Arts events.
Students must contribute consistently towards Performing Arts events. For example, dance, drama and music events.

4. To organise and actively participate in at least three different assemblies.
Students must organise or participate in either a Tutor, House or Year assembly.

5. To organise or actively participate in at least three fundraising events.
Students must get involved in fundraising events to support local or national charities. These events could be in-House, whole school or open to the local community. For example, Children in Need, or Comic Relief.

6. To take part in community projects.
Students must make a significant contribution to the local community. For example, Student Voice and Sports Leaders, Golden Grove.

7. To support others within the Academy.
Students must consistently support their peers whenever the opportunity arises. For example, mentoring or paired reading.

8. To read a range of novels every year and complete a book review for at least one per term.

Students must read a range of challenging novels throughout the school year and present a review at least three times. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird – written review to tutor / verbal presentation to tutor group or a visual representation (art work or collage) incorporating themes, characters and language from the novel. Alternatively, students may negotiate a different response style; song, poem, video diary etc.

9. My own pledge is…

Students are asked to negotiate with their Tutor their own pledge.

Students are required to achieve the following Pledges by the end of Key Stage 4:

•       Current Year 7 to complete 7 Pledges in total

•       Current Year 8 to complete 6 Pledges in total  

•       Current Year 9 to complete 5 Pledges in total

•       Current Year 10 to complete 4 Pledges in total. 

The Carlton Academy Pledge Passport

Pledges are recorded in a Passport. Each student will have their own individual Passport which will stay with them through years 7-11.

For students in Year 7 and 8, we will be holding an annual Key Stage 3 Graduation event near the end of the academic year. This event will see the students who are making progress in their Pledges, have outstanding attendance, are making good academic progress and have a positive behaviour profile rewarded at an awards ceremony where they will officially graduate into Key Stage 4.

Students will be given more information about this in assemblies. We are launching this initiative at the very start of term to give students maximum opportunity to begin their journey. Year 11 are not included in the Pledge model this year as we do not feel that there is time for them to undertake a range of additional things that would meet the criteria and their Prom will run as normal this year.

Our Pledges will further engage students in opportunities and events that take place in the Academy. I look forward to sharing the successes of students with them as we move forward.

Mr R Harper.