Parent Workshops

We work hard to provide opportunities for parents to be in contact with us and help us further improve the achievement of students by working in partnership. Over the past two years, we have worked closely with parents on developing some of the following features of our school:


  • Homework - we held four workshops with parents to discuss what helps make effective homework and what more we can do as a school to help support parents and children working in the home environment. On the back of the consultation, we developed the use of an online homework tool called Show My Homework, and have made some changes to the Homework Policy. This is leading to a rise in attainment of students across the school and is helping to engage parents further in the learning experience.
  • Communication Systems - we held four workshops with parents to discuss our communication systems. The help and advice we received, specifically in relation to the lifestyles and preferred communication tools for our parents, has helped us make several changes to the systems we use. We have; implemented a new Email and text messaging service which is more reliable and functional than the old system; introduced a new 'tutor contact card' for parents making it easier to contact their form tutor; we have also implemented a new rewards system which raises the profile, use and impact of the student planner as a tool for communication.
  • Parent INSIGHT - we held two workshops with parents to discuss the new parent INSIGHT tool and sharing plans for its launch. This session was very well attended and resulted in us being able to launch the product with increased confidence about its content, usefulness for parents and its accessibility and ease of use
  • Memory and recall - These events helped us work with parents on developing approaches to working in partnership to help students improve their skills in these vital areas as we move to public exams with more and more end of key stage assessment and a loss of coursework.
  • Catering - this workshop helped us work with parents on menus and the variety of menu offer at the academy. We also discussed issues that students had experienced and how we have and can furrther improve what we do. This workshop also saw a fantastic selection of meals on offer to further show parents the great range of healthy meals on offer every day