Oracy is the ability to speak and communicate well.  At The Carlton Academy we recognise that this is an essential skill that will directly contribute to raising students’ achievement across the curriculum as well as being a transferable skill applicable to many walks of life and careers.  Much like literacy and numeracy, good oracy is achieved through cultivating a set of core skills.  We aim to do this through weekly activities in tutor times, when students will be required to work collaboratively on activities and tasks designed to develop specific skills that contribute to good oracy.  You can access a copy of the powerpoint that we are using in tutor times below for you to talk about these activities at home with your child.  We have produced a set of criteria for what we believe constitutes quality talk, and we promote these with students at all times in school. 


Oracy also supports learning.  We use questioning and discussion in lessons to provide cognitive challenge and deepen students’ understanding.  Furthermore, we recognise the importance of promoting vocabulary, the correct use of technical language and the ability to be conversant to a range of people, about a range of topics, across a range of subjects and support students to speak as experts in the subjects that they study. 

Please click here for the Powerpoint used during the Tutor Time programme in Autumn Term.