Hollinsclough 2019/20 House Champions and House Updates

Heads of House welcome and updates on the new building and more to come..... 

Please click here to see our Heads of House welcome videos for September. 

This includes a first 'hello' from our two new Heads of House and our new House 'Hutchinson'. Hutchison house is named after a former Head Teacher of the school, who made a very generous donation to our school many years ago in the form of the Hollinsclough property. We already have a House named after the property that the school had use of for many years and we wanted to recognise the history of this donation through naming our new fifth house.

This YouTube channel also includes video updates of our new building, which is due to be completed in October 2020, when we will also have seen our remaining science labs completely refurbished and we will shortly be developing new Food Technology and Textiles suites once we move into the new building. Exciting times indeed for us all at TCA!

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