Current arrangements for school opening

Government Guidance for parents
  • You can view the latest guidance from .Gov for parents in relation to school opening from here
  • You can see a copy of our remote learning guidance for parents from here - this is a document we are required to publish with you before 25 January 2021

Mobile data for learning

If you require extra data to access learning at home, this may be available to you from your network provider.The Carlton Academy can apply for this through the DFE, however we have no control of the roll out for it or whether you will be successful. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact Mrs Watson at school. The form below should be used to ask us to assist you with this and you can find out more about the network providers and what they are offering here.

Futher information in relation to data and support from mobile phone providers is found here.

School Opening - January 2021

School is currenty closed to all students with the exception of children of critical workers and vulnerable groups. Our latest weekly update letters will be found from the link here.


All learning is taking place online with live lessons for all students, following their normal school timetable of lessons. A register will be taken in each lesson and students are expected to be present and engaged in their learning.














Each week there is a live assembly and students are expected to complete lesson work and homework as guided by their teachers. This is expected to take around one hour per day for students in years 7 to 9 and 90 minutes for students in years 9-11. Post 16 students are, as always, expected to be undertaking independent work as part of their courses along with their taught curriculum, this is usually around 3 hours per week for each subject studied. You can access online copies of the knowledge organisers for Y7 to 10 from here.

You can download an outline of our school day and learning hours from here.

Additional learning recourses to compliment our live lessons

We encourage students to engage with other on line learning tools outside of their taught lessons to enrich their work. Some examples of these are linked below:

  • The BBC has published a series of events you may wish to access
  • The national Oak Academy provides archived lessons for most subjects
  • Speakers for Schools host some fantastic talks for students in all year groups. which you can access from their website here

How to access lessons and obtain further support for TCA live lessons

Lessons are delivered through Microsoft Teams as live events for Years 7 to 11 and Teams Meetings for Year 12 and 13. Any internet ready device, including a phone, tablet, laptop or computer, will allow you to access these lessons. Links to the lessons will be provided via Show My Homework (Satchel One), which all students and parents have been given access to.

Students in Years 7 to 11 need to log into our school system to access live lessons. This will also allow them to access Student SharePoint, where further learning resources are available for all subjects and where students can access their School email and One Drive folders and the full range of Microsoft Office software.

We are now operating on a fully cloud based platform for teaching and learning, all of which is accessed via the link on the front of our website ‘TCA On Line’. From here students access the ‘365, mail and SharePoint ‘link using their school email address e,g. and their school password.

Need help with live lessons - read and check these resources below

A quick guide on how to log on using your email address and password is found here.

All students have been shown how to access and use these systems in school. Additional supporting resources are available to read and we also have videos they can watch on our You Tube Channel The Carlton Academy - YouTube

You can also watch the video here for logging in here

If you require further support for accessing live lessons, having followed the guides and videos made available, please contact our ICT support team by email at:

Using gaming devices for Teams

The link here takes you to a YouTube video for accessing Teams for live lessons

Students without access to the Internet and a compatible device at home for accessing live lessons

We have taken great steps to understand which families are not able to access the Internet at home and those who have the internet but do not have access to a device that will enable you to access live lessons.  On the last day of term, we undertook a further check of this with all students and are going to be contacting identified families directly in due course. As a further check, I would be most grateful if you can complete the form using the link below if you are a family who either DOES NOT HAVE access to the Internet or if you DO HAVE access to the Internet but DO NOT have access to a device such as an Internet enabled mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other similar device used to access the internet. This will help us further in our checking of support needed. Please complete this form ONLY if you are in the categories above and we will contact you as soon as possible to aid your child’s access to live lessons.

Free school meals and vouchers

Students in all years who are in receipt of free school meals will receive a £15 Tesco voucher from school at the start of each week they are not in school. These will be sent to you by text message as they have been before. We have sent vouchers for all families eligible to cover the weeks up to Friday 5 February at present.

Provision and registration for children of critical workers and vulnerable groups

We are required to offer some students access to school. This provision will be in an ICT room where students will access the live lessons as they would from home. There will be no other activities on offer. Students who attend will be offered a full catering offer for lunch. If you wish your child to attend this provision, you are required to complete the form each week in advance. You can find guidance on critical worker status and vulnerable groups from the link below: Critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings - GOV.UK (

Please complete the form below if you wish your child to attend this provision due to your critical worker status ensuring you complete it in advance of the deadline on the form.

Form for week commencing 1 Feb to 5 Feb : 1st - 5th Feb 2021: Critical Worker and vulnerable children provision (

February half term crtitical worker provision

We are required to offer provision for children of critical workers over the February half term holiday. If you wish your child to attend this provision, please complete the form linked below no later than 3pm on Friday 29 January. Please read the form carefully as it outlines the nature of the provision, which is very different than that during term time.

Critical Worker Form

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