Learning Resources and Links

This section of our website is used to help provide materials and resources to help support learning and progress out of school. Listed below are some very helpful websites that we promote the use of in school to help with developing memory, recall and revision skills.

BBC Bitesize - click the links below

Resources for Years 7 and 8

Resources for GCSE studies

Post 16 Bitesize higher

GCSE Podcasts

Download the Bitesize Apps

Free EBooks for download to your phone or tablet

Open Culture

WH Smith downloads

Google EBooks

Revision Resources for creating and sharing your own revision resources

Wordle - help with key words and remembering them


Memrise - modern foreign languages resources

Memory and recall games

Learning Style tests - how do you learn best?

Learning styles test 1

Learning styles test 2

Downloadable resources

Revision and Memory presentation

A5 revision cards

Cycle diagram

Fishbone diagram

Flow diagram

Flow diagram 2

Flow diagram Powerpoint

Key Words

Spider diagram