Improvement Priorities

We constantly evaluate what we do and identify ways in which we can improve further do. Our core focus is raising academic achievement and everything we do is directly linked to this theme.

Each year, we identify some of our specific focus areas and develop a detailed school improvement plan which outlines exactly what we want to achieve and how we will go about making it happen. This is not a full list of everything we do but highlights some key priorities. As part of this work, we produce a shorter 'leaflet style' School Improvement Plan summary document. We make this available on our website and you can download a copy of this from the links below.

At the end of each review cycle, we also undertake a rating of our previous targets - these are colour coded for quick reference in terms of progress we believe has been made and are reported to Governors three times a year. Items in red are ones that we do not feel we have made enough progress on or have not yet started, amber is where progress is good and will be continued and green is where we feel that very good progress has been made and we are embedding these aspects into academy life. You can download a copy of our latest SIP priorities from the link below.