At The Carlton Academy we believe that completion of meaningful homework is vital to the success of our students.  GCSE courses have changed, moving away from coursework, controlled assessments and modular exams, and placing a greater emphasis on exams taken at the end of the course.  In light of these changes, it is vital that we support our students to become independent learners, starting in Year 7.

It is not the just the work completed in lessons that will decide our students’ outcomes.  They need to spend time independently honing the knowledge and skills required for success.  The benefits of learning to study independently stretch beyond just academic success.  Students develop skills of self-motivation, organisation and time management that will benefit that in many walks of life in their future.

The research into homework and how students learn effectively shows that short frequent knowledge-learning tasks, with an emphasis on self-quizzing will yield the greatest success for our students.  Completing this vital preparatory work at home allows more time in lesson to be spent applying knowledge and in creative learning activities.

Each student will receive a homework booklet containing pages that summarise the background knowledge needed in the subjects that students will be studying during that half term.  We will be referring to these pages as knowledge organisers.  In the front of the booklet there is a list of tasks that students can select from to help them learn and then self-quiz on the information in the knowledge organiser.

It is our expectation that students complete 30 minutes of homework each week for English, Maths and Science and 30 minutes per fortnight for all other subjects. The homework will not be marked for content, but students’ learning will be checked in lessons by quizzing on the content of the knowledge organisers.

Copies of the homework booklets can be downloaded below:

   Year 7 Summer HT2 homework booklet 2021-2022

   Year 8 Summer HT2 homework booklet 2021-2022

   Year 9 Summer HT2 homework booklet 2021-2022

   Year 10 Summer HT2 homework booklet 2021-2022

Students in Years 9 to 11 are expected to do at least one hour of homework per night (on average) and this will increase as they work through any coursework or exam preparation. In Years 12 and 13, we anticipate the level of homework and private study to be around 5 hours per subject per week and students are given study periods during the school day to undertake some of this work as well as being expected to work at home. Students who do not complete homework are usually issued with a detention from their class teacher and are expected to complete the homework in that time.

Show My Homework (Satchel One) - online website

Staff provide resources and information, along with publishing information about homework through the online Show My Homework (Satchel One) website, you can access this by clicking on the link here

Recording homework - Download the App for Show My Homework

There is an App for Show My Homework that can downloaded from the Google Play or the Apple App Store - please follow the guidance below that has links to the download pages. Once downloaded follow Steps 1 to 3 below to ensure you select the right school.

Step 1 – Navigate to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the ‘'Show my Homework’ app

Step 2 - Search for the school name 'The Carlton Academy' - you will find two entries for this, ours is the second one

Step 3 - follow the instructions on screen to log in - if you have lost your PIN or cannot log in, please speak to a member of our ICT support team in school.

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