High Attainers Programme - Veritas & Ad Astra

At Carlton Academy, we are proud to have a host of opportunities for students with high prior attainment. Each department within the school works hard to ensure that there are opportunities for those who show a particular aptitude in their subject to explore beyond the curriculum.

This year, we have also introduced the ‘Veritas’ and ‘Ad Astra’ societies for students in Key Stage 3 and 4 respectively whose aim is to foster the curious minds of those students who have performed at a consistently high level academically. Their work through the year will culminate in a showpiece debate for the Veritas Society and a ‘TED talk’ style presentation for students in the Ad Astra Society to which parents and students will be invited to attend. 

Students with outstanding academic performance in our Sixth Form will also be invited to attend ‘Theory of Knowledge’ classes in which they will be taught how best to delve into a topic within the subject for which they have a passion. Students will be guided through a mini dissertation which will culminate in a presentation on what they have concluded or learned at the end. Below are some examples of the kind of questions students might aim to answer or explore:

  • History: Is Knowledge of the past ever certain? Why do accounts of the same historical events differ and whose version of history do we study in the UK?

  • Economics: Are economic theories independent of culture? What counts as ‘rationality’ in economics and are there different types of ‘economic rationality’?

  • Maths: Beauty in Mathematics: Fibonacci numbers and the connection with the Golden Ratio, Is Standard Deviation a mathematical discovery or an invention of the human mind?

The hope for our sixth form students is to prepare them for interviews to the world’s best universities while encouraging them to think beyond the standard A-Level course. 

Students in all these groups will learn the skills of independent critical thinking, research skills and public speaking. They will leave Carlton Academy as highly capable thinkers who are able to approach their future studies and careers with an extra degree of preparedness and confidence. 

If you have any questions about this programme, please contact Mr A Hills at the academy.