Exam Performance

The Carlton Academy is delighted with the progress we have made in the last three years. In summer 2019, we secured the best results we have ever achieved under the new GCSE and A Level reforms and were pleased to see the impact of our focused work leading to further success for our students.

GCSE Results

In summer 2019 we achieved: (subject to remarks and national progress changes)

  • 45% of our students achieved a Grade 5 (or above) in English and Maths (up 12% on 2018)
  • 62% of our students achieved a Grade 4 (or above) in English and Maths (up 7% on 2018)
  • Attainment 8 is 46.97 (up from 42.8 in 2018)
  • Progress 8 is estimated to be around 0.1 (up from -0.14 in 2018) - this is a very postive result for our school profile compared to other schools of similar profiles nationally and means that all students, on average, achieved above their expected grades across 8 subjects.

Year 13 - A Level Outcomes

In summer 2019, we achieved 

  • 7.2% of our A Level results were A* (up 4.2% from 2018)
  • 19.3% of our grades were A*-A - in line with the 2018 results and very positive with new specifications this year
  • 42.2% of our grades were A*-B - in line with 2018 and a rise of 17.8% on the 2017 results and very positive with new specifications this year


External performance data tables

The Department for Education provides various sets of external data for parents to look at. Please take care when looking at these as they can show data for results prior to the latest sets of results and can use different headline figures from time to time. Please click the link you wish to use below: