Literacy and Numeracy catch up premium

Catch up funding provides the academy with the opportunity to afford greater support students who arrive with us in Year 7 having not made expected progress in numeracy or literacy by the time of transition from Key Stage 2. More information concerning this scheme and governmental criteria can be found on the DFE or websites.  

 The academy uses this additional money in several key ways: ?

 The purchase of ICT software and hardware to support Accelerated Reader. · 

  • Funding for Lexia software used to accelerate the progress of students with phonetic difficulties.
  • Books and equipment across the school to support learners with low levels of literacy and numeracy.
  • The employment of Literacy and Numeracy tutors to develop new strategies and intervention. · 

The provision of extra reading lessons in Year 7 using Accelerated Reader as well as DEAR time, conducted daily in mainstream curriculum lessons, with the addition of DEAR once a week during Tutor time. This is in order to reach our own trust target of ensuring all students achieve a reading age of at least 15 by the end of Year 9 to help meet the demands of various new GCSE curricula.  

Please click here for a copy of the 2019-2020 Catch Up Statement statement

Please click here for a copy of our COVID-19 catch up premium statement


Data from our accelerated reading tools and teacher assessment shows that the progress of students who receive a range of these additional interventions are making very good progress. These have been established strategies for some time and the last sets of Year 11 outcomes data shows those who came to us below these levels of attainment have made positive progressand have good value added scores over time. We are especially delighted with the improvements made in the reading levels of students who have received additional direct intervention as part of our reading and literacy programmes.