Attendance Policy

Planned absence

Attendance to all lessons is a prerequisite of commencing courses at The Carlton Academy. To ready students for the world of work, we require all students to complete a 'Planned Absence' form when they know they are due to be away from school. Planned absence should not include driving lessons or medical appointments as these should be made outside of school hours where possible.

These forms must be signed by all of the subject teachers and tutor before being passed to the Head of Sixth Form for approval. If the absence is not appoved it will be marked as having an unauthorised absence which could negatively affect any future references.

No holidays can be authorised during term time.

Un-planned Absence  

In the case of an un-planned absence, students or parents must telephone the Sixth Form office on 0115 9408399 on the first day of absence. Please inform the administrator, the reason for the absence and the expected return date. They can alternatively email Ms Armitage or Mr Yeadon.

Attendance Targets

The target for Sixth Form attendance is a minimum of 95%. When students fall below this target, action will be taken.

Between 90-95% - a discussion with Tutors or the Head of Sixth Form will take place, together with a letter home advising of the attendance percentage.

Below 90% - Monitoring will be put in place and parents may be invited into school. Continued persistent absence will result in students being placed on a formal contract and possibly students being asked to leave Sixth form if attendance does not improve.

A text message is sent or phone call is made to parents when a Sixth Form student is absent from school.


Students are expected to be punctual. If students arrive more than 10 minutes after the start of the lesson they will not be admitted to that lesson. This will result in an absence mark for that lesson. If students arrive late (less than 10 minutes) a late mark will be given. Late marks are monitored on a weekly basis. Persistent lateness will result in students being placed on a monitoring or formal contract.

Reporting Absence

If your child is absent from school please contact us via the following:

Telephone: 0115 9408399 Option 2

Email: Year 13 - 

            Year 12 -