2016 Post-16 Performance Table Data 

Student Progress Level 3 Courses 


A-Level Progress: Value Added + 0.10

Academic Progress: Value Added – 0.05

Applied General: Value Added + 0.89

Student Progress GCSE English and Maths Retake 

GCSE English Retake, 2 students in total + 0.098 above National Average.

GCSE Maths Retake, 6 students in total + 0.127 above National Average.


Average Grade 

Average A-Level Grade is a C.

Average Applied General Grade is Distinction *

Percentage of A-Level students gaining AAB (including two facilitating subjects) is 20% (National Average is 17%).

Average Grade for best three A-Levels is B.

Student Retention 

Percentage of students completing A-Level Programme - 100%

Percentage of students completing Applied General Programme - 95.5%


Destinations of Year 13 2016 

Percentage of students continuing into Higher Education - 71%

Percentage of students continuing into Employment - 29%